Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday Haul 2014

This Black Friday, my family and I decided to brave the long lines and take advantage of some amazing deals. After a long day of looking around and debating whether I should get something or not, I've ended up with a pretty good size of items I bought.

With Christmas break coming soon, I decided to get some books to read while on vacation. After waiting for it's release for months, I was finally able to buy Zoe's book, Girl Online. While looking around the store, I found The Infinite Moment of Us, which seemed pretty interesting so I decided to get it as well.

Then we went to Aeropostale, which had one of the best deals ever with 60% off everything. From there, I decided to buy a LLD Eyelash Sweater in coral pink that is so soft and comfy, I'm definitely going to get a good use out of it this season. I also bought a graphic tee from the United XXVI brand to use as sleepwear since they only had the larger sizes left.

From Walmart we bought a Sony Wifi Blu-ray Player and some DVDs, together with others from Best Buy.

After a long time of debating, I also decided to buy a GoPro Hero3+ from Best Buy. Since the deal of this product came with a free LCD Touch BacPac and a SD card, the price was worth it. Although this purchase pretty much left me broke, I'm glad that I bought it because I will be able to capture so many memories with such amazing quality and ease.

So this is my black friday haul; what's yours? Hope you found some great deals and treated yourself to a shopping spree. Until the next post. Never forget to be you.

*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, and I am not being sponsored by the company(ies) mentioned above*


  1. What an exciting collection of things! would be interested to hear what girl online is like. I bought a few things in the black friday sales but online so I am still waiting for them to arrive.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely let you know how the book is once I'm done reading it. And how exciting, I would love to hear about your haul once you receive it :)

  2. I loved your blog post! Black Friday was definitely a good day to go and buy some things especially zoe's book. Also, I love despicable me 2 it's really funny! If you have time could you possibly check out my blog thank you xxx