Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kiss gelDress

Not having the best skills at putting on nail polish, I always find myself having to redo my nails over and over again. Whether it be having to apply more coats or taking off everything I did and restarting the process, I'm never always completely happy with the end result. As I got tired of the hassle in trying to make my nails look somewhat presentable, I began to search for products that made the manicure process easy and left me content with the way my nails looked.

While looking through my local Walmart store I found Kiss's gelDress products, which are sticker like nail polish gel strips. As I looked through the selection, I absolutely loved all the colors and designs that they had. To test out the product, I settled with buying the designs called "Moon Shine" and "Majestic."

Only costing about $5, this product was easy to apply and it was able to give me salon quality looking nails. All I had to do after putting it on was apply a clear coat on top. After having them on for about a week now, they still look amazing and I've received so many compliments on them. I would definitely use this product again and recommend it for those of you who want to save time and money and skip the hassle in doing your own nails at home. There are so many choices you can choose from for you to be able to express yourself and show your personality, just by a look at your hands.

Until the next post. Never forget to be you.

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