Sunday, January 18, 2015

Perfume Collection

Personally, it was hard for me to find a perfume that smelled good, yet wasn't too strong and was an appropriate scent for my age. As I began getting into wearing perfume everyday, I was able to find a few scents that I was content with and loved using.

One of the first few perfumes I ever got was the One Direction Our Moment scent. I got it from my parents on my birthday and I have loved using it ever since. It has such a sweet, yet subtle scent. And I absolutely love the bottle it came in.

The first perfume I ever got was the Ralph by Ralph Lauren from my auntie. I first fell in love with this scent when I used the lotion version of it. It has such a sophisticated smell to it, and I love the color of the bottle.

On my trip to the Philippines, I found the Love Love perfume at a store called For Me. An this perfume has a sweet and perky scent to it.

One of my favorite perfumes ever is the one from the Bethany Mota line at Aeropostale. The scent is just amazing, and I love it so much that I'm already half way through my second bottle. Since buying my first bottle of it, this perfume has sort of become my go to scent for everyday use.

Another perfume I got from the Philippines is the Happy Hour scent from the Daily Scent brand at Bench. Although this is sort of a cologne since there is no spray and you need to dab it on, this has also become one of my favorite scents. Using this and being able to smell it makes me feel like I'm at home in the Philippines.

As shown in my Collective Haul, I also have the roll on versions of Soho Nights and Cloud 9 from Aeropostale. I absolutely love these perfumes since they have such a nice, sophisticated scent. I used the Soho Nights scent everyday while in the Philippines and am almost done with the bottle, and I am definitely going to buy more of it.

So this is my perfume collection. What are some of the perfumes you use? I would love to hear about it. And if you try out any of these scents, tell me what you think about it. Thanks for reading. Until the next post. Never forget to be you. 


  1. oh my goodness how good does the ralph lauren perfume smell - its one of my favourite scents ive ever owned xx

    1. isn't it amazing?! it's absolutely one of my favorites too :)