Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Room Art Collection

As I start to change up my room and redecorate it, I have collected so many amazing art pieces that have made my room look a hundred times better. The pieces I have add so much color to my room and act as inspiration for me. Depicting the places I would love to go to and symbolizing many goals I would love to reach, these art pieces surely reflect my personality.

This first piece is a gift I got from one of my best friends this past Christmas. It displays my blog name 'tonixox' in white paint on a colorful background. I absolutely love this personal name sign and it acts as an encouragement for me to continue working hard on this blog and pursue my dreams. It means even more to me that my best friend made it herself and to know that she is always there to support me and the things I have set out to do :)

I recently purchased the koi and beach paintings from my friend Roxy Gonzales, who sold her artwork for a fundraiser. These paintings are so beautiful that I just couldn't resist buying them. Being mini canvasses, I keep them on my white bookshelf and it brings such an amazing pop of color to it. Roxy is such a talented artist and she also has a fashion blog herself so you should definitely go and check it out :)
Instagram: Fashion Actually Youtube: Fashion Actually

These last three artworks were purchased at Ross and I absolutely love the theme and colors it brings to my room. I would love to travel the world someday and my London and Paris paintings keep my hopes up and bring a little piece of each place into my room. The last painting, as seen in my #Kindnessxox blog post, reminds me to live each day with positivity.

I hope these art pieces have inspired you to the kind of things you want to decorate your own room with, and I would love to see and hear about the artworks you have purchased or even made by yourself. Thanks for reading. Until the next post. Never forget to be you!


  1. All the art looks really pretty! As well the saying on the picture at the end is so cute! :) x

  2. oh lord these are so dang cute. I wish I have ross where I am from it sounds so good. Your blog is so cute I love it