Thursday, June 11, 2015

Boots and Kimo's

Fried rice omelette, with extra fried rice
Shrimp Alfredo Omelette with hash browns
Regular Pancakes with Coconut Sauce (and we also got a banana pancake which I forgot to take a picture of)
After tasting food from Boots and Kimo's as take out during a sleepover I had with my friends, I immediately knew that I wanted to visit the restaurant and eat there again. My family and I visited this restaurant today, and our 45 minute wait was definitely worth it. Packed with both tourists and locals, Boots ad Kimo's is surely an island favorite.

We got two different omelettes. The first was a fried rice omelette and the cravings I've been having for fried rice everyday have finally been satisfied. The other omelette was a shrimp alfredo omelette which I was a little skeptical about first but after tasting it, it automatically became one of my favorite dishes from there. As for pancakes we got regular pancakes and a banana pancake, both covered in macadamia nut sauce. Not really being a pancake kind of person, the sauce really made it's taste a thousand times better than it already was.

If any of you are ever coming to Hawaii on vacation, I would definitely suggest Boots and Kimo's as one of the restaurants you go to for that breakfast grind, since they do serve breakfast the whole day. What are some of your favorite breakfast foods? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you're feeling bored and want to watch some youtube videos, it would mean so much to me if you clicked the link down below and check out the vlogs I've been making for everyday of summer. Thanks for reading. Until the next post. Never forget to be you :)

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